Digital Hub

WYSIWYG Editing and Preview

Headless projects backfire when the authoring experience does not get proper attention. With Magnolia, authors use our WYSIWYG visual page builder to edit Single Page Applications (SPA) built with React, Angular, or Vue. They can edit not just raw content, but also the layout of any digital experience, and get a live preview in the context of where it’s delivered.

Tied in Personalization and Analytics

Kmerias personalization features let you deliver individualized content in an effective and scalable way in a headless scenario. Authors get an intuitive UI and can instantly preview which content is delivered to different segments.

Unlimited Integrations

We make it easy to connect to other digital solutions and manage your content! Whether that is DAM, PIM, e-Commerce, CRM or any custom system. You get an extensive choice of prebuilt connectors, and with simple YAML configuration you can connect any external system you need today, or in the future.