Deliver Self-service with Intelligent Chatbots

Faster, personal, and more efficient service

Automate better outcomes with chatbots

  • Speed and effectiveness
  • 24/7 omnichannel availability 
  • Excellent customer experience

Chatbots can prequalify requests, fully process inquiries and carry out transactions. They contribute to automation and boost efficiency.

Marketing and e-commerce 

Use Chatbots for lead generation as well as for cross- and upselling. They also help prospective customers select the right products and proactively notify users with news.

Customer service

Chatbots answer service questions quickly, personally, and around the clock. They prequalify requests and transfer them to agents at defined escalation points.

Human resources (HR)

Turn to Chatbots for recruiting support or let them answer frequent internal HR questions about things like vacation and training. A chatbot knows the solution and provides answers to applicants and employees about all important HR-related topics.

IT services

Chatbots help users find solutions to their IT problems quickly and independently.They will troubleshoot the problem and even carry out fixes themselves. The result: Far fewer tickets.

Just three steps to your Chatbot

1. Implement bot and connect systems

Activate your Chatbot with just one click. Countless integration options let you seamlessly embed the solution into your existing system landscape. Create a holistic customer experience by connecting a live chat with a complex inquiry to a service agent or existing 3rd party chatbots. No need to reinvent the wheel.

2. Create responses and dialogues

Leverage existing templates or set up a completely new Chatbot in just a few minutes. You create content in the central editing system where you can draw on graphical support to easily model dialogues that lead users to a solution rather than just provide an answer. And should it turn out that the Chatbot doesn’t know what to do, define escalation points to your live agents.

3. Regularly optimize and analyze

Get detailed reports and analyses to show you how often users interact with your chatbot, when users left the chat, which questions didn’t yield a satisfying answer and how the user arrived at the right solution. Quickly see what content you still need to supplement or optimize and where an additional branch of dialogue might prove useful. Update your content in a matter of seconds using the central editing system.

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