Benefits for Technical Leads

Manage content effectively

Deliver consistent customer experiences on any channel by managing all your content in one place using custom content types. Go headless and access content through our APIs with support for GraphQL to decouple content from presentation, use our visual page editor, or do both.

Work with your favorite framework

Use the frontend framework your developers love, such as React, Angular, or Vue while allowing your content authors and marketers to co-create experiences. Enabling developers to use the Jamstack or their architecture of choice boosts efficiency, makes skills transferable, and is more fun.

Enable developers and marketers

Enable marketers to perform website tasks, including SPAs and PWAs themselves, while staying true to the headless principles. With our WYSIWYG editor, marketers can create and preview experiences using components that your developers created. This gives your marketers editorial freedom and lets your developers focus on coding rather than content.

Choose your tech stack

Make best use of your technology investment by deeply integrating Magnolia with adjacent technologies. Personalize experiences with your CRM data; sync form fills with your marketing automation tool; or pull product information straight from your commerce platform.

Host anywhere

Run Magnolia anywhere you like. Deploy it in your data center of choice or choose between a fully managed PaaS and a custom cloud deployment for ultimate flexibility. Our cloud options include high availability, security, 24/7 monitoring, and backup and recovery.


Ensure that your data and content are secure. Magnolia is ISO 27001 certified and uses JAAS for authentication. Make use of security features like user and group ACLs, SSO, and LDAP. For security in the cloud, we host your instance as a single tenant with a dedicated database.